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February 9
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Sketches Campout Challenge:part 1 finale by GnilkcitXD Sketches Campout Challenge:part 1 finale by GnilkcitXD
part 2 of part 1.

"Okay, he's had enough!" I heard Brandon say, after I had spent what seemed an eternity locked in nearly hysterical laughter.

I was gasping with relief as the teenagers righted me, and placed me in the seat next to my big brother. My friend, Peter was already in my seat, playing Jeff. I didn't get my sandals back until we got to the campsite, and Brandon and his friends kept tickling me from time to time, or holding my ankles in their laps so Sandy could get me again, but nothing like that first all-out attack. The scoutmaster was used to all this. He'd seen Brandon doing this to me since I first joined the scouts at Sandy's age. He'd even give me a few tickling pokes and tweaks himself, from time to time. His only apparent reaction to my gang-tickling was a joking comment about whether I was still breathing when he didn't hear me laughing.

I didn't really mind. When do I ever mind getting tickled crazy in the long run? Besides, I knew that this was Sandy's weekend to get it the worst. I was planning my revenge on my little brother, even as I was the helpless tickle toy of the drive. 

We pulled into camp, and the scoutmaster registered us with the waiting park ranger; getting our site number to set up camp. As the van drove slowly through the park trails, we could see tents and scouts all over, with troop banners from all over. There must have been over five hundred scouts there, all ready to have a blast that weekend. At our site, Brandon finally handed me my sandals and gave me a wink as he collected his pack. Everyone tumbled out and stretched the stiffness out of their limbs. I followed a little slower; my limbs a little more like jelly than the others. The older scouts headed out to their site, a little ways off the road, as the rest of us started to set up near the van.

"Take a breather, T.J," Jeff said to me as he snatched up my pack as well. "You need a break after that major arse-kicking I gave you." He snickered as I jumped out of the van, protesting.

"Hey, that's only because you guys cheated!"

"Sure, sure, Teej. Whatever you say!"

I brought him down with a quick tackle, and started tickling Jeff's sides. Jeff was a stubborn tickle victim, but I knew his weakness, He tried to hold his laughter in, snorting and grunting at the strain, but the moment I got my fingers under his shirt and started skittering my nails over his ribs, he broke down and went totally ape with laughter and giggles. So Jeff and I were the last ones to get our tent up, but we didn't really care. We already had that badge.

Sandy didn't take long to hook up with the other otter scouts there, and he was gone, getting into trouble, no doubt. Well, the scoutmaster for the otters was on their tail, so my little bro was someone else's problem for now.

my illustration to… by :icondorain1:

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This seems much in keeping with the story. Well done.
Looks like his little brother is going to get some much needed tickle revenge!!! :D I can't wait to see the last part of this series dude :)
WIfootlvr Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I knew I wouldnt be disapointed hehe,love it
Can't wait to see more from you!
Great job again (I can comment now! XD)
And don't worry about how long it takes you to upload stuff! I mean, look at my gallery! I hardly ever upload anything... XD
Panel 4 is my favorite! Love the faces!!
GnilkcitXD Feb 9, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
this is the finale to part 1  of this three part story . sorry it took so long to upload i've been very busy and its pretty time consuming to do i really appreciated all and every feed back given.
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